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Alumni from Ashland Community High School 1886-1919

Colclough / Colcloughe Links:  bad link as of 07 Sept 2009  Archived here. <----Important!!
Local copy of above Rachel Colclough Will 1748

July 28, 1654 A license was granted to load the John in England for Virginia.

Source: Public Records Office PRO: SP25/I.112
Ship and Passenger Information:
A license was granted to the owners on July 28, 1654, to load the John of
Berkshire for departure to Virginia.

Part owners:
Lucy, Lucas 
Terence, John 
Potter, Thomas 
Jeffereys, John 
Colclough, John 
Bayly, Arthur 
Thurmar, John 
Wadsworth, John <-----  bad link as of 07 Sept 2009 bad link as of 07 Sept 2009

Underwood Links - Important Underwood link bad as of 07 Sept 2009

Will witnessed by Timothy Underwood in 1799

Phineas mentioned in congressional record in 1826 

Check out this Underwood page!  Underwood discussion forum Wilder bad link as of 07 Sept 2009 bad link as of 07 Sept 2009 bad link as of 07 Sept 2009

John Underwood:
Underwood, John. Actor (Blackfriars Boys 1601-1608, King's men 1608-1624),
date of birth presumed around 1588, died between 4 and 10 October 1624.
Underwood first appears in the Blackfriars boys cast lists for Jonson's
Cynthia's Revels and Poetaster and he was one of the "boys growing up to be
men" (the others were William Ostler and Nathan Field) who joined the
King's men when the Blackfriars reverted to the Burbages in 1608.
Underwood's name occurs in 22 King's men's cast lists (including the 1623
Folio), although his only known roles are as Delio in Webster's The Duchess
of Malfi , Dapper in Jonson's The Alchemist, and Bonario in Jonson's
Volpone. His will indicates that he owned shares in the Curtain, Globe, and
Blackfriars playhouses. Marriage date with Rachel Edwards  birth date for John U. Bad 07-09-09 Martin Underwood.. ? Thomas in MD Bad 07-09-09 named for marriage. Bad 07-09-09 Date of death for John
More mentions of John Underwood  Archived copy here.  Archived copy here.  ** Dead link 2009-03-29  ** Dead link 2009-03-29

More Underwoods ** Dead link 2009-03-29 Bad 07-09-09  ?? seems unrelated

Marriage 1 Rachel Edwards b: 1583 in St. Dunstan, Stepney, London, England

John Underwood, Rachel Edwards marriage recorded:
(Note other Underwoods in record)
See also:
Gives dates of Timothy U. moving to Vt.   ** Dead link 2009-03-29 see  Bad 07-09-09
>From the same page:
John Underwood was born on 15 September 1727 at Westford, Middlesex County,
Massachusetts.1 He was the son of Joseph Underwood and Susannah Parker.1 In
1749 at Westfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts, John married Hannah
Wright, the daughter of Deacon Henry and Esther (Adams) Wright.1 John
drowned on 3 January 1756 at Nova Scotia, Canada, at age 28 while in
colonial service.   Marriage date   Bad 07-09-09  Masonic information.  Bad 07-09-09  Bad 07-09-09  Bad 07-09-09
1 check out Susannah Parkers ancestors.  Bad 07-09-09

Underwoods in Cass County, IL.   married Dighton Bowers

Whitaker / Whittaker


Mary Wilder Ancestry, local copy
  Local copy of info here.
Ralph Clark's Wilders page   Local copy   Local copy
Nicholas Wilder
John Richard Wilder Son of Nicholas Wilder
John (3) Wilder
Son of John Richard Wilder
Thomas Wilder Son of John Wilder
Martha Higgs Wilder  wife of Thomas
Edward Wilder Son of Martha Higgs Wilder
Local copy of above page.  Domain on registrar hold 7-18-2004  Same
Ship Confidence 1638 passenger list including Mrs. Martha Wilder and daughter Mary Wilder. Local copy updated  Similar list on another site.

Note these passengers on an earlier ship:
Martha Underwood 31 Elizabeth, 1634 45
Martin Underwood 38 Elizabeth, 1634 44
Peter Underwood 22 Rebecca, 1635 7
George Wilde 37 Elizabeth & Ann, 1635  Hingham, MA site  Bad 07-09-09  Bad 07-09-09 See Mary Wilder near bottom

Searches for "isaac mitchell" hickman  Isaac, Sr.  Bad 07-09-09  ??  Bad 07-09-09  Bad 07-09-09

Stribling Message board

Nix, Nicks, Bruce, Akins

Christine Haw's Nix page.

Milly Akins and Edward Nix  Note: Obediah has a brother, Jesse..
  <--bad link 2010-9-16

Older Akin(s) information.. <--bad link 2010-9-16 <--bad link 2010-9-16

Manning A. Bruce and Lincoln <--bad link 2010-9-16
Christine Haws page on Fannin Co, Tx 
Luvicy Nix's tombstone in Oakwood cemetery 

Nix family DNA project 


The McGehee Family <--bad link 2010-9-16



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