There is a Wilder Coat of Arms...Bestowed on Nicholas of "Nunehide",Berkshire County, on April 15th 1497 along with the Land Grant of "Sulham",same County by King Henry the VII.,for services to him , then the Earl of Richmond,in the Norman Invasion, landing at Milford Haven, and the Battle of Bosworth, in the year 1485 A.D. Nicholas Wylder (wilder) bought John Kent's property 'Nunhide' in Berkshire County in the year 1496. Had a son John who married Alice ?...This John of Nunhide and Alice had: 1) Henry of Combe Hants 2) John Jr.of 'Nunhide' and3) Agnes who married Edward ? Henry of Comb Hants married Edie Saunders in 1580 of Burghfield,Berkshire County they had John of Combe Hants and Thomas . John of Comb Hants married Alice Stryer in 1611 at St. Laurence,Reading, and died in 1640. They had 1) John ,baptized 1612 2) Edward b in 1612 3) Nicholas b in 1617. 4) Ann b in 1620 5) Francis b in 1625 and 6) William b in 1628. John, grand son of Henry and Edie of Comb Hants, married Annie Larsholme in 1629 and a son Samuel b in 1634. Edward, grandson of Henry and Edie of C.H. , married Marie Dickens in 1640 and Deborah in 1645. John Jr of Nunhide, grandson of Nichalos Wylder and son of John of Nunhide, married Alice. He died in 1588 and she in 1598. They had 1) John (III) of Nunhide who bought Sulam in 1598 from Thomas,and married Margaret, 2) Nicholas, 3) William, 4)Thomas who married Margaret and sold Sulham to brother John, 5) Eleanor (and according to some american records, Joan and Alice) John (III) of Nunhide & Sulham, and wife Margaret had 1) John (IV), 2)Margaret and 3) Thomas of Shiplake, and was alive in 1633. Thomas of Shiplake , married Martha and they had 1) John, (VI) . 2) Thomas Jr., 3) Edward. 4) Elizabeth and 5) Mary. Thomas died...the widow Martha ,Thomas Jr.,Edward, Elizabeth and Mary came to Higham Massachusetts Colony on the good ship Confidence in 1638......there they built the foundation for a long line of descendents the have scattered throught out the united States. Purley Hall (still there) next door to Sulham village ( just west of Reading) was purchased by Rector Dr .Henry Wilder in1733. The above was copied from records and files in the hands of Mr.Henry H.Wilder, 8 Southcote Road , Reading , Birkshire County, England in May 1944 ,by Lieut.Col. Ryan L Wood , Infantry Reserve, U.S. Army, a minister of the Memorial Presbeterion Church 318 Cranes Nest Way, West Palm Beach , Florida, then on Active Time Duty in England.