Edward Wilder

* Born: 1623, Shiplake, Oxfordshire, , England
* Marriage: Elizabeth Eames 1 Apr 1651, Plymouth, , MA
* Died: 23 Oct 1690, Hingham, , MA

He was in Hingham Massachusetts Bay in November 1638 on the arrival of his mother from England in the ship Condidence from the port of Southhampton. He remainded in Hingham and was made a freeman in 1645.

The "History of Hingham" says: Widow Martha Wilder, mother of Edward, probably came from Shiplake, Oxfordshire England. Edward Wilder was a soldier in the war against King Phillip (I think this was an indian chief - not the king of France)
Edward Wilder,118 (4). The Immigrant, son of Thomas Wilder,114 and Martha, was already in Hingham, Massachusetts, November 1638 when his mother arrived and remained in Hingham, Massachusetts with his mother till her death in 1652. Edward was, without doubt, made a freeman as soon as his age would permit. It is probably not generally known that at that time none but members of a Christian church and those who were twenty-one years old could take the freeman's oath and exercise the privileges of citizenship. He received a grant of land at Hingham, Massachusetts on October 8, 1637. He later received other grants in his own name and jointly with his mother. He was made a freeman on May 29, 1644 and a selectman in 1667 at Hingham. In 1675, he was impressed into service as a soldier in King Philip's War. Philip,also called Metacomet, was Chief of an Indian tribe which had been friendly to the settlers, but then angered by the encroachments of the white man.

Edward married Elizabeth Eames, daughter of Anthony Eames and Margery Pierce, on 1 Apr 1651 in Plymouth, , MA. (Elizabeth Eames was born in 1625 in Fordington, Dorsetshire, , England and died on 9 Jun 1692 in Hingham, , MA.)