Whitaker Family Genealogy

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Surnames of interest (not alphabetical): Whitaker, Whittaker, Cauldwell, Caldwell, Coldwell, Reynolds, Timian, Underwood, Bowers, Bruce, Wilder, Wylder, Wild, Stribling, Martin, Mitchell, Nix, Nicks, Akin, Manning, Bruce, Hickman, Lange, Heaton, Fullerton, Mcgehee, Colclough, Nagle, Ayers, Burley, Appleton, Arnold, Maas, Kepford, DeWeese,  De Wees, Schumacher


This picture of Phineas Underwood, Jr. is in the Beardstown Masonic Hall

Many thanks to Janice Maurer Erickson for supplying this photo.

Tombstone of Phineas Underwood and his wife Susan Appleton. Phineas was killed, hit by a train, in June 1884

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Isaac Mitchell, Jr. 1771-1863
Daguerreotype taken about 1853

Catherine Heaton Caldwell and children about 1893
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Biography of Charles Caldwell, father of the children in the above picture.

 A brief Caldwell Family History 

A page about William and Ursa Whitaker

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Who our ancestors were and what we know about them.

The Genealogy.com page for this family.

Picture postcards from the 11-11-11 cyclone in Virginia, Illinois.
Note the picture of the Whitaker house.

Cass County, Illinois Schools and Churches.

My page with the map.  {Warning large file.}

1.  16 generations of ancestors of Roger Whitaker (331K html)
Note that this includes only all known ancestors and their siblings, but not other relatives.

2. Descendents of Christopher Stribling, father of Joel Stribling (pdf)  

3. Descendents of Phineas Underwood (pdf)  

4.  Rather large (5.5 meg pdf) scan of 34 page typewritten document - Descendents of Joel Stribling, probably from Forster Isaac Mitchell, great- grandson of Isaac Mitchell, Jr. ca:1940  
This is a long download if you are on dialup, but contains a huge amount of information.)
 Adobe online utility to perform OCR on a PDF document.

5. Nix and Bruce sign petition in Tennessee 1821 See also http://www.tngenweb.org/records/madison/court/magis/magis-17.htm  (See archive if link is broken)

6. Obediah Nix builds a mill in Madison Co. Tennessee.
From: Madison County Court Minute Book One 1821-1825 page 152, June 16, 1823 Obediah Nix was granted permission to establish a mill on Jones Creek on his own land in Surveyor's District 9, Range 1, Section 9.
From: http://www.tngenweb.org/records/madison/misc/gmmc/gmmc3-10.htm

7. Nix Family in Texas, Christine Haw's very nice site.  (Archived)

8. Alumni from Ashland Community High School 1886-1919

9. Rachael Colclough will 1748

10. Cass County, Ill land sales before 1830 
From Genealogy Trails Cass County, Illinois site   
Note Stribling, Mitchell, Underwood and Horn

11. Genealogy Illinois Trails Cass County web site.  
Roger is the host for Cass County.)

12. Dr. John Francis Snyder's book online. As text.
 http://www.archive.org/stream/johnfrancissnyde011204mbp#page/n9/mode/2up Scanned images

13. Collected misc. Links 

14. Wilder files

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