Tennessee State Library and Archives, Nashville. Legislative Petitions:

To the honorable the General Assembly. We your petitioners residing on the waters of the Forked Deer humbly sheweth, that we reside in the 7, 8, 9, 10 & 11 Sections in the 1st, 2nd & 3rd Ranges in the 9th & 10th Surveyors Districts west of the Tennessee River and that should we be included in any one county to be laid out by sd. General /Assembly/ & impartial plan represented to your hon'ble body for laying out the whole western district with counties having their constitutional limits, we pray to be incorporated and organized into a county as so much of our territory of sections as may be included in such county and thereby granting to us such relief as in your wisdom you may deem necessary as will leave us no longer in want of the due administration of justice & your petitioners will ever pray.
/Dated October 3, 1821/

Simon Johnson
James Brown
Lewis Jones
Samuel A. Lyon
James L. Price
Jno. H. Gibson
Wm. Espey
Robt. Doak
__________ (unreadable)
Henry Reagan
James Wright
Nathan Simpson
Joseph Hughes
Wade Hampton Hughes
R. H. Wynn
Adam R. Alexander
Elijah McAfee
Isaac Huggins
Benjamin Hughes
William Espey, Jur.
Ebenezer Alexander

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David Jeffreys
Wm. Bradshaw
William Pace
William H. Doake
Alanson F. Doak
Anthony T. Gray
Alex. Braden Sen.
Alexander Brallen Junior
(evidently Braden)
Carter C. Collier
Daniel King
Banester Tally
John Graves
Philip Graves
John Harrison, Sen.
James Adams
Henry Butler
William Butler
Charl Butler
Abel Webb
Siras Webb
Micager Webb
Sam'1. H. Shannon
Greene L. Haralson
James Moss
James Harrison
John Hyte
Roderick Wright
Joseph T. Haralson
H. Haralson
William H. Haralson
James M. Haralson
Vincent Haralson
Stephen Booth
Thos. Adair
Jonathan Huston
Byland Chandler
Henry W. James
John Thomas
John Thomas, Junior
John Haly
Isaac Haly
Daniel Ross
Willm. Sheppard
Thomas Lacy, Senr.
Thomas Lacy, Jur.
Stephen Lacy
Hugh Lacy
John T. Brown
Archd. Hight
Gideon Harrison
Francis Herron
George Herron
Samuel Givings
Samuel Coner
Benjamin Blyth
Isaac T. Cates
William Pace
Fleming Pace
Wilson Brown
Murdock Murchison
Duncan McIver
Wm. Dalrymple
John Slone
Ben Rook
Simon Murchison
Daniel Murchison
Josep Allen
James Rook
Zachariah Bennet
Thomas L. D. Parkes
Wm. Sargent
Isaac Brown
James Marlin
Charles Allen
Isaac Sellers
Pitts Chandler
Richard Sanders
James Alexander
Wm. Alexander
Anderson Odle
Jacob Clifton
Josep Spruce
Quinton Spruce
James Johnson
Eli Taylor
Joseph Wilson
Wm. Wilson
William Cant
Iredell Williams
Calvin Williams
John Parker
Allen Fuller
Wm. Haltom
John Liwallon
F. Frazure
Thos. F. Larrimore
W. T. Laramore
Smith Suleivan
Abner Fentress
West Fentress
Oen Quinley
William Deen
William Golden
Thomas Mathes
Caltern Mathes
Elijah Jones
Thos. Jones
Benj. Jones
Anderson Bruce
Obediah Nix
John Bruce

James Russel
Josua Henderson
Robert Rolens
Joel Bugg
Hawken Spruce 





At an election on the South Fork of the Forked Deer River recommending magistrates, we the judges of the aforesaid election do certify that Adam R. Alexander, William Braden, Duncan McIver, John Thomas, William Haltom, William Harris, Joseph Linn was duly elected or recommended by a majority of the populace, given under our hands & seals this 18th day of Augt. 1821:
/Dated October 10, 1821/